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A clothes hamper can be anything from a simple basket to a stylish, multi-purpose piece of hamper furniture.  Stylish hamper designs can be used almost anywhere.  Decorative hamper furniture will collect and hide the dirty laundry.  Many attractive styles do not even look like clothes hampers.  A nice looking clothes hamper can be located in the bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or laundry area.  There are a lot of versatile clothes hamper options on the market, today.

Attractive hamper furniture is a great way to hide laundry in small apartments and houses.  Clothes hampers are made of a variety of materials.  Some hampers are made of wicker, rattan, plastic, fabric, wood, metal, or a combination of materials.  There are collapsible hampers and folding hampers.  Laundry hampers come in many shapes and sizes.  Some hamper styles look like a cabinet, dresser, or credenza.  Some clothes hampers are shaped like animals.  Of course, there are plenty of traditional style laundry hampers still available, also.

Collapsible clothes hampers are made of fabric and have a collapsible wire frame.  They stand tall when in use, and collapse flat, for convenience, when not in use.  This type of hamper is available in many colors and designs.  They are a popular choice for kids’ rooms and dorms.  Folding hampers have a fabric hamper bag and a folding frame.  Usually, the laundry bag is removable and made of cotton.  The frame can be made of wood, heavy duty plastic, steel, wrought iron, or other sturdy materials.  Some folding hampers have two or three laundry compartments.  These hampers are tall and slim, when folded, for convenient storage.  

Having stylish hamper furniture to disguise the laundry is a blessing in cramped quarters.  Some small apartments and small houses have a very small laundry area, or no laundry area.  A clothes hamper that looks like a nice piece of furniture will hide the dirty laundry in any room.  Most of these designs feature one to four, tilt out or pull out, hamper compartments.  The laundry compartment fronts resemble cabinet doors.  Some designs have extra features built in for storing laundry supplies and accessories. 

Today, there are many options for laundry storage and organization.  Contemporary, multi-function, decorative hamper furniture is a fantastic addition to any home.  There are many attractive traditional style clothes hampers on the market, also.   Searching on the internet is a convenient way to find, and view, a large assortment of laundry hamper options.